2007, a Year in Review

I could never have guessed how much of a roller coaster ride 2007 could have been. To recap just about everyone I know quit or left their former employment. Some people went on to join others in their new endeavors, some just needed a change, and for some change was forced upon them. In the end everyone has survived (even if not with great stability) and the outlook for 2008 is a positive one.


We have good friends and good times. While the 2007 year might have left some higher, and some dryer than we would want we’ve still got our health (even though some were seriously put in jeopardy). Robin is with a new school that cares for her as much as she cares for them and a PTA that can’t be beat. We find ourselves enjoying quiet times at home to gaining further skills in dancing. As well our families have all moved closer looming and crowing for children. (Oh me Oh my!)

I had a good time [skydiving this year](http://www.flickr.com/photos/ciordia/sets/72157594297559866/). I had wanted to gain a rising faller award but due to income restrictions I had to cut my time in the air down to a fraction. It’s hard to be the best at something when you can’t dedicate a lot of time to it. My last jump of the year brought me to 87 jumps; which to some may seem like a lot, to me it seems like so little. Funny how your perspective changes. Regardless my skills have continued to improve and I have a lot of good drop zone friends that are great fun to be around. Once capital starts rolling again I see myself hanging aloft a lot more frequently.


After trying to work within the corporate structure to build something new Jeff and I branched out on our own mid-year by forces that were cumulatively out of our control. We began with quick steps and steady motion to build a new [organization on organizing](http://blog.nuancelabs.com). Serving the productivity community by scratching an itch that still isn’t being scratched correctly.

We began our journey with many excited partners and developers; unfortunately due to timing and execution we lost some of that momentum in a grab for early investment. Looking for an angel did not pan out but we did learn that we had a solid business model and a market with which to do business. We just had to prove that.

If slowing down to pour over research, reports, and give dog-and-pony shows wasn’t enough, the way we handle things in our massive generalist approach caused us to lose further buy-in from our friends out West. After being educated, and educating others on working problems, and working hard to recoup from them, our partnerships that were to be, never were.

As a person who is considerably people oriented I was, and still am sad at the loss of participation. This coupled with our lack of investment basically brought our project back to the garage where we work on it still. It has life, it has desire, a beautiful process, and it will be born. However, with so few people working on it; it will have to see daylight when it is able.

The Green Revolution

2007 also saw the rise of my involvement in the local food and agriculture scene. [Slow Food Charlotte](http://www.slowfoodcharlotte.org) was a recipient of my attention and work as their technology coordinator. From branding, website, communication, and interviews I was lucky to be a part of some great things happening in Charlotte.

[Grateful Growers](http://ggfarm.com) Natalie & Cassie culminated their [on-farm dinner](http://flickr.com/photos/ciordia/sets/72157602317318468/) in September for which Robin and I sat on the board. We also put over 600 miles and 800+ photographs over 4 months into a book for the event, “[The Farms that Feed You](http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/105572/)” that covered most of the farms that participated in the event. We donated a copy of the book for the [dinner fundraiser](http://www.ggfarm.com/?p=31) auction and the copy was won at over $200. That and the beautiful comments we have received has been very very heartwarming. Copies of the [book](http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/105572/) are still available and your support of the book and the message of local farming would continue to be appreciated.

Charlotte and the surrounding regions are waking from a deep slumber wanting to know more and participate with their local agriculture. It’s a great thing and there are a number of fabulous people involved with multiple initiatives around the area. If you are interested or just want to hang out for the conversation head on over to the [Slow Food Charlotte website](http://www.slowfoodcharlotte.org) and participate to a level you are comfortable with.

If there is one thing I’ve learned this year is activism is about the individual taking little steps with many others. It is simply amazing how much we are all capable of when we move in the same direction.

My Business, Photography & Relationship Marketing

Since our business, like most businesses, take 2x as long and 3x as much money to see the market. I’ve had to take a long look at what I can do to bring income to the home. I had two very impassioned paths; photography and life/productivity coaching. After a good quarter of reflection and research I decided to head further down my photography path. I love coaching but the costs to get accredited and the emotional strings which form between clients I felt would not allow me the long term flexibility that I needed.

IMI Photography was turned on and I started my foray in oversized prints via my [shoppify site](http://photo.ciordia.info). It’s been a hit and miss site but building it, maintaining it, and growing from it has taught me a great deal. Much of that knowledge is being harnessed in a new IMI blog that is coming soon and a new portfolio site that I can point people to. [Flickr](http://flickr.com/people/ciordia) has been a great resource but I use it pretty wide open. I needed something a bit more refined and sophisticated; again much more professional portfolio oriented. You’ll see soon enough. It’s nearing the finish line.

I’ve got the gear, the means, the passion, and the ability so if you need a hired photographer let me know.

During this time Jeff has been plotting revenues of sustainment through network/relationship marketing and it’s channels. Since I work with him so closely it’s hard not to become involved especially when the products that are being vended really are quality products. In a sea of carpet baggers and products (too many) it takes a good deal of research and testing to find companies who are doing it right and I think we’ve found them. More on this in time, but if you are interested in learning more before just drop me an email and we can talk about it.


The first few days of 2008 are here and I think it’s going to be a great year. With so much going on, such diversity at hand, it feels great and will only get better. I’m not good at forecasting because the worlds dynamics have a tendency to shift but with every foot forward you grow closer to your goals.

May your 2008 be grand and if we have common synergies let us work together.