Happy Holidays

Andy and Robin Ciordia
To the people who like to read I haven’t published much written for consumption material anywhere in quite a while. I am communicating; [tweets](http://twitter.com/ciordia9) are cast in regularity, photos are [flickr](http://www.flickr.com/photos/ciordia/)’d almost daily. Those who subscribe to the feed know that.

It’s hard to put words to things you are unsure of. The faster you move, the harder you work, the stranger times get..the more your tunnel vision creeps in and in turn the harder it is to give a good scope of it all. This year has been crazy and I’ll definitely put up my year in review soon. I’m finding traction (never 100% sure until you get out of the hole) but I feel momentum building. Many many new things coming for 2008.

To those that celebrate, give thanks, or recognize each other during this time of year may you have a merry holiday and spread the love of this time of year throughout the year. We should be so lucky as to have our health, our spirits, and a determination to make tomorrow better than yesterday.

Thank you one and all.