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  • Logan’s First Xmas 2011

    Logan’s First Xmas, Flickr Set

  • Happy Holidays

    To the people who like to read I haven’t published much written for consumption material anywhere in quite a while. I am communicating; [tweets](http://twitter.com/ciordia9) are cast in regularity, photos are [flickr](http://www.flickr.com/photos/ciordia/)’d almost daily. Those who subscribe to the feed know that. It’s hard to put words to things you are unsure of. The faster you…

  • The Holiday Quickies

    With the bulk of Holiday work behind us I think we can all sigh with relief. This year we had to play more of a poor mans Xmas. With all the money we have going to emergency funds or capital contributions there is really not much more to go around so we gave what we…