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Trying to Fall for Autumn

Waiting for the sky to behave is like waiting for water to boil. It will happen when it’s ready and it won’t happen before then.  There are a few places around the area I keep thinking…  If the sky would just open up here, the blazing sun would make it look like the leaves are […]

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2007, a Year in Review

I could never have guessed how much of a roller coaster ride 2007 could have been. To recap just about everyone I know quit or left their former employment. Some people went on to join others in their new endeavors, some just needed a change, and for some change was forced upon them. In the […]

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IMI Photography

I’ve been working hard to get better at photography for the last 5 years. I can probably attribute it to [Photo.net](http://www.photo.net) as an early resource for an aspiring eye, some fantastic in-family photographers and a consistent amount of moments to capture around me. As Robin joined my carnival of fun it seems I can even […]

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