IMI Photography


I’ve been working hard to get better at photography for the last 5 years. I can probably attribute it to []( as an early resource for an aspiring eye, some fantastic in-family photographers and a consistent amount of moments to capture around me.

As Robin joined my carnival of fun it seems I can even more so rarely be found without a camera. To put all that time to good ends we decided to build a photography site that can sell some of the best of our collections now and later. We really enjoy sharing our world and a lot of the time the moment transcends to others and now they can share.

[IMI–it’s my island–Photography](

The prints start at a length of 2ft to 6ft. We can do even longer (8ft!) if you have the need. We are printing on the highest quality poster paper and canvas.

While [Jeff]( and I work hard to create [something]( that enables us to do more in life, hopefully this venue will drive a little sales to make these transitions easier.

We are also giving back to our agricultural communities. As we document regional farms participating in the [Grateful Growers Farm Dinner]( prints sold from those farms get 15% of the sales.

As collections expand and new ones are formed I’ll make updates. If you have any requests or thoughts on the products I’d love to hear them.

Thank you for your continued support,