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  • Family in Print, Edible Charlotte

    Always nice to see my family in print.

  • IMI Photography

    I’ve been working hard to get better at photography for the last 5 years. I can probably attribute it to [Photo.net](http://www.photo.net) as an early resource for an aspiring eye, some fantastic in-family photographers and a consistent amount of moments to capture around me. As Robin joined my carnival of fun it seems I can even…

  • Wallhogs

    Wall-what? Hog? Like taking up space? That’s right, another beautiful concept from [Mark Seremet](http://markeseremet.blogspot.com/index.html), [Wallhogs](http://www.wallhogs.com/) takes media and makes it _big_. How big? As Mark will tell you, “[..] from 24″ to 7 feet tall X up to 52″”. Back in the early days of digital media transfer I used to get my art printed…