Where-oh-Where is Andy..

Bright as the Sun

I wish I could clone myself. Hell, I wish I could clone a bunch of people I know. We’re all moving so fast.

Blur’s I Know Of

Chuck and Julie have opened Cupps Cafe in Rock Hill, SC. _Fantastic_ place to be, by the way. A biased writeup is on the way….somewhere. Glad other [real](http://www.heraldonline.com/109/story/82913.html) [reporters](http://www.charlotte.com/503/story/215744.html) have done the job first. Team Blur

Lell is working as Chuck’s chef. Rocking the goods and driving to Rock Thrill six days a week. Blurrrrrrr.

Jeff‘s so focused I think if the house blew away he’d still be immersed within a psychic shield. Blinders Blur

Cassie & Natalie are working overtime cranking some serious good eats out in the heat. Smokin’ blur

Robin spent most of her summer break securing her job. A long story to be asked from her directly but she triumphs with a great new placement still in Union County albeit much closer which is great. She’s also been of a great service to the farm book project and getting the educators portion ready for the Alice Waters visit in September. She’s also cashed in her dance lessons and is dragging me out during lunches here and there to put our feet to coordinated motion. Sometimes I can’t help but just laugh when we dance, what a great feeling.

I’ve have had a loaded schedule to say the least. Nuance Labs is a new company and all the fresh infrastructure building is weighty. Liquid Minded, the product, is in alpha and getting shaped like a blacksmith would forging a sword. It’s going to be sweet.

Somewhere in the breaks of insanity I’m getting closer to finishing the farm to table book for Grateful Growers farm dinner. Which is really beautiful to see coming together. I just wish I had more time to give to it.

On a similar vein I migrated the Slow Food Charlotte website from Drupal to Ning and so far couldn’t be happier. Ning has some further maturing but it’s growing well. One less thing I have to worry about being up is nice too.

I’ve been able to catch a little air here and there. My parachute this week is going back to the manufacture for some diagnostics. It has a pull to the right after I unstow the breaks and while maintainable I shouldn’t be dealing with.

To summarize the rest, lots of gardening, lots of cooking, lots of working. I twitter in more frequent cycles so check me out there if you want the granularity.

I’m glad we have a few groups of friends who have taken the summer off and are traveling through Canada and the Rockies. I can only imagine what a seasonal time-out would feel like, hehe!

On and on we go,


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