Alice Waters & the Edible Schoolyard

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In supporting a better set of food choices I participate heavily in [Slow Food Charlotte]( A group that by definition is working to hook up those in the fields to those who utilize their products; including keeping biodiversity alive in a world of constant consolidation.

Natalie & Cassie of [Grateful Growers]( had a vision to host a [farm dinner]( on their property in a fashion like, but not connected to, the [CFSA]( dinners in the past. They took on a hard challenge of wanting it to be an exemplary dinner as well as an educational tool.

To help with the education one of their earliest thoughts was, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if [Alice Waters]( could come?” With that in their minds they took off down a multi-month journey to bring the Queen of Organic to visit Charlotte.

As things would have it a multitude of scheduling conflicts is going to keep her from being at their wonderful dinner. Instead they have transfered that energy into helping her do multiple culinary school educational visits, holding a lecture on her [edible schoolyard program](, and signing books.

[Slow Food Charlotte]( is proud to be able to make her acquaintance and we hope you will to. If you have the time and want to get more involved with local agriculture, especially if you have children please join us Thursday, September 27th at the Dana Auditorium at Queens College for Alice Waters. You can buy your tickets [online]( at the [Slow Food Charlotte Shop](

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