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The First Great Forage

The whirlwind of Andy’s life never stops, rarely slows, and is always ready to start up again. Why? Because he’s insane. Anyhow, the voices urge me onward. Recently I was able to organize and participate in a Slow Food Charlotte event that was with a local forager named Reed. A rule on foragers. They know […]

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Fundraising for Terra Madre 2008

In an effort to participate in a global community, support our friends and peers abroad, we ask for your help. Slow Food Charlotte Robin and I have been members of Slow Food Charlotte now for 3+ years. We were brought in through friends who showed us that quality also meant good, clean, and fair. Through […]

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Alice Waters & the Edible Schoolyard

[Alice Waters Lecture Tickets](http://shop.slowfoodcharlotte.org) In supporting a better set of food choices I participate heavily in [Slow Food Charlotte](http://slowfoodcharlotte.org). A group that by definition is working to hook up those in the fields to those who utilize their products; including keeping biodiversity alive in a world of constant consolidation. Natalie & Cassie of [Grateful Growers](http://ggfarm.com) […]

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