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Where-oh-Where is Andy..

I wish I could clone myself. Hell, I wish I could clone a bunch of people I know. We’re all moving so fast. Blur’s I Know Of Chuck and Julie have opened Cupps Cafe in Rock Hill, SC. _Fantastic_ place to be, by the way. A biased writeup is on the way….somewhere. Glad other [real](http://www.heraldonline.com/109/story/82913.html) […]

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Summer so crazy

I bet you all think I’m next to a pool, drinking coffee with a little absolute and just floating the summer away. In my mind. If I had room. hehehe. The summer has really been a whirlwind. [Transformus](http://www.transformus.com) is upon us and the last two weeks that has drained most of my mental capability. Our […]

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