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The Business

The business of doing business is not the business you want to be doing.
Andy Ciordia

Why is banking culture so bad?

So I’m pretty irritated by most banking culture. Banks made bad decisions. ¬†They got bailed out, and they are still being given access to a lot of cash for 0% or very very low percentages. This means they can make even more money. Merchant Accounts, the good and bad. Banks also give merchant accounts. ¬†These […]

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Working With Family, Digital Ideas That Can Help

In these economic climes it makes sense to play with businesses close to the vest. If you are lucky enough to have a bunch of family that can become your coworkers then you’ll save a massive amount in overhead. The Family that Makes Chocolate Together… We’ve been told a lot lately that Robin and I […]

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2007, a Year in Review

I could never have guessed how much of a roller coaster ride 2007 could have been. To recap just about everyone I know quit or left their former employment. Some people went on to join others in their new endeavors, some just needed a change, and for some change was forced upon them. In the […]

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Unleash the Monkey

We’ve gone and done it now. After 10mos of being sequestered we’re letting ourselves out of the cage and are taking our act on the road. You have the opportunity to come surf the maelstrom of a developing company, [Nuance Labs, Inc.](http://blog.nuancelabs.com). The thoughts and trials behind a startup that has some far reaching ambitions […]

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2006 Year in Review

At the beginning of last year I could not have seen what was to transpire this year. As I grow each year seems more so like that. Maybe it’s due to the embracing of chaos and knowing I can only manifest a few variables, or maybe it is just additive wisdom of the years behind […]

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FC’s Mind the Gap

Fast Company Now, Mind the Gap >> Much of our angst and frustration in life and business is based on being stuck in that gap between what we know and how we act and behave. You probably already know this, but do you make time to be truthful to yourself? Do you find a way […]

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