2006 Year in Review

A Toast to All, 2006-2007

At the beginning of last year I could not have seen what was to transpire this year. As I grow each year seems more so like that. Maybe it’s due to the embracing of chaos and knowing I can only manifest a few variables, or maybe it is just additive wisdom of the years behind me.

This year had it’s ups and downs. We transfered our ideas from building a coffee shop to working for the past 8mos on a web application. We lost our dear friend Tyson, but gained a number of new people friends. I’ve explored inwardly to the friendly skies. We’ve looked into America’s food chain (or the lacking there of) and dived right in to the Slow Food community. Knowing your farmer is gratifying. At this point we source somewhere around 80% of our foodstuffs outside the grocery store and I feel better for it.

I was good early on about working on my writing and drawing but in the last quarter lost some of my steam. I think I can revitalize my efforts at least until something hemorrhages.

It’s been another neat year exploring coffee, the community, the industry, and the strange things that exist around it all. Thanks to all those that try and make it a better place but don’t ever sit on your laurels as “cool can turn to brittle” (as a friend said) overnight.

Tidbits from things I learned or was reminded of this past year:


* More confirmation that we can have indomitable spirits.
* Psychology & Neurology are built by what you think, and those who have inputs in to you. Be careful who you let influence you for the impact is farther reaching than you realize.
* Amazing gratification at the acceptance of who I am, and who I am to become.


* Building a retail coffee shop in Charlotte is a challenge when the rent factor is so high it makes profitability a serious issue.
* You are what you do and you will not change that unless your actions start following that.
* Enablers continue crooked systems to exist. Bad leadership would not exist were it for kind souls who believe and invest their energies.
* Ideas are worth a nickel, execution is worth billions.
* The long-tail exists.
* People follow if you lead.


* Building new relationships takes a lot of time and energy.
* Maintaining relationships takes a lot of time and energy.
* Take care of your friends for you will have few who will be there when you really need them.
* Finding friends you can love is rare and special.

Working with Groups

* Herding cats
* Need effective passionate people in groups or the group will not move.
* Sustained momentum might require a paid position.

We will continue to evolve and shape the things to come. With passion and vigor I think this year will be grand. Like I keep preaching let’s all try and find solutions to what ills us rather than allow the debate to consume our emotional resources.

Here’s to you all!