Roaster Humor

Today I did my first 250g peaberry roast.  Working in a new bowl, with a lot larger volume, and a bean that I am unfamiliar with.  I’ll taste it in the morning, curious of the results.  I was probably 80-90% even in roast. It just had it’s first crack at a very slow pace which didn’t make for easy judging when second crack was coming. It’s a large experimentation time and I’m having fun, which is all that really matters.  Since I did the roast over at Jeff’s to show him what I’ve been up to, his dog Uma was kind enough to devour any fly aways that went outside the bowl.  Gladly we left for dinner afterwards and were not present for any caffinated motions she might have went through.

Next month I’ll just order 5lbs of something I can stick to so I can figure out the variables without always having a new origin to mess with.  As I perused the archives I ran across the following which really made me laugh.

Google Groups :

Here is an interesting roasting method for the adventurous: I call it the slingshot/cutting torch method. Get an oxy/acetylene cutting torch, set it up with a proper flame for cutting through 1/2 inch mild steel. Lock the torch in a vise with the flame extending horizontally. Position yourself behind the torch and off to the side a little. Place a large bucket opposite the torch to catch the roasted coffee (you can use a smaller bucket is your aim is good). Now use the sling shot to propel the beans individually through the torch flame. Adjust the bean trajectory and the angle of the flame to reach second crack in 312 to 318 microseconds (how’s that for a roast profile). Shoot each bean through the flame until you have a weeks supply of coffee. I’m still experimenting with my super bean cooler which has the discharge from a Co2 fire extinguisher in the bean trajectory. After your aim improves, you can shoot the beans directly into the open valve-bag.


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