Chocolate Love has left the building…

Playing around with digg and I run across  "Singer Isaac Hayes quits South Park" and I think to myself, nooo.. whose going to sing about Chef’s Chocolate Salty Balls?

Hello There Children

hey Chef

Chef whats a prostitute?

Ugh where do you kids get this stuff.Where do baby’s come from chef,whats a prostitute chef cant you kids say hey chaf nice day aint it

Hey chef nice day aint it

Thank You!

Chef Whats a prostitute?

We will miss you Chef.


World news from The Times

South Park was one of many “adult” cartoons that emerged after the success of The Simpsons. Its story lines are generally more scatological and deliberately offensive than those of The Simpsons, making it popular with male teenagers.

Crazy reporters.  What’s that imply? heheh!  Now when Southpark started as the Christmas card (Jesus vs Santa) in the mid-90’s, teens & young adults hit this with a force unheard. (man that idea today was such early early online-viral)  I still watch this show.  It’s wrong, it’s sick, it’s perverse, and it’s generally very intelligent or at least timely. (FNORD)  However we’ve aged.   It’s audience window should be wider than ever, shouldn’t it?  Season starts soon.  Wish they made more of them but I’ll take what I can get.  I wonder what their online model would look like.

I digress.


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