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  • Comic Relief, Hey Honey!

    If you cannot see the comic strip please load the feed in your browser for some skewed views. Share your own!

  • Roaster Humor

    Today I did my first 250g peaberry roast.  Working in a new bowl, with a lot larger volume, and a bean that I am unfamiliar with.  I’ll taste it in the morning, curious of the results.  I was probably 80-90% even in roast. It just had it’s first crack at a very slow pace which…

  • Worktime Observation

    As arguments around a secretaries desk get more heated, the more m&m’s are consumed. Thus the health of the company is inversely proportionate to the rate at which M&Ms are being consumed… Thank’s to [Jeff](http://www.wheeledone.com) for helping bring the illumination full circle.