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SDC Early January

So happy to have a little air time in. Beautiful day in the 60’s during January, priceless.

Skydive 13 & 14

[YouTube Video](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hN37SynENJw): It was a great day out this weekend. Spring is definitely in the air and I was too. Soon after reaching the [Skydive Carolina](http://skydivecarolina.com) dropzone I was on a load to the heavens. As I quickly got my gear, inspected it, and sat on the plane ride in anticipation I reflected on how […]

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Great Sky

It might have been cold but we rose midmorning to head down to [Skydive Carolina](http://www.skydivecarolina.com). The winds were calm and I was psyched to get a few jumps in. I had packed my day-bag with care that it might be windy I would have everything I needed to work. Of course with that much consideration […]

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AFF Jump 2, Success

Two down! The second jump was far far better than my first and leaves me with a great feeling of accomplishment. It can’t be described how wacky you get on a first jump. Your senses are overloaded and what that translates into is an easy ability to get lost, bewildered, and confused. On my first […]

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First AFF Jump Accomplished

Friday, September 29th I went back to [Skydive Carolina](http://www.skydivecarolina.com) in Chester and with the help of Joey & Gene launced into the air at 11,500ft. I made a number of small mistakes and took a lot of lessons away from the jump. I had a great time and am looking forward to accomplishing more. Skydiving […]

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Quickies, here I am.

Ah how we love quickies.. well maybe I’m just talking to the male readers haha. Life is spinning and spinning so I might as well throw out an anchor and try and give some details. My car started making noises a few days ago. After taking it in last night I get a call this […]

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