Quickies, here I am.

Ah how we love quickies.. well maybe I’m just talking to the male readers haha. Life is spinning and spinning so I might as well throw out an anchor and try and give some details. My car started making noises a few days ago. After taking it in last night I get a call this morning that my transfer case is blown to smitherines and will cost somewhere around four-thousand to fix. Can you understand the depth of joy I feel right now? /sarcasm I love my Nissan dealership but this really puts a crunch on. I’m only 2,500$ off paying the beast off. If I assaulted you lately and disbalanced my karmic-chi-love please forgive. hehe. Oh well, repairs are in progress but I’m without wheels until Monday. Great.

As the photoblog of my feed shows I’ve been quite busy learning how to grill on charcoal, hardwood charcoal to be precise. It’s been a joy. The smell of smoke, the char of meat and veggies, what could be finer? I’m about ready to try something slow roasted. I can only imagine how good it will be, and I bet it will.

I also aquired a used Mantis UL from Debbie on the GWTW forums. I was in debate over what kind of UL to buy and was helped out by some kind forumites. I was able to run out yesterday before the storm and test it out and I think I’m going to be very happy after my experience level rises. The kite is pretty large, with the spreaders out it seems about 9-10′ wide. An awesome sight to behold. I can’t wait to do more flying.

Flying, nice segway, parachute jump date is quickly approaching. While I am very excited for my upcoming jump I misplanned my date. I thought the South Eastern Barista Competition (SERBC) was going to be held last weekend, but that was the year before. I cancelled my faux hotel reservation and do’h, I already have the upcoming (9/23) weekend booked to jump. I’m going to try and get up there on Sunday for the finals but with all this running around I’m not sure if my energy level will be where it needs to be to make the drive. All things willing however and I’ll be there. Back on the mentioned parachuting; I’ve done some research into the odds of fatality and I was really surprised. You have a 1:6000 chance of dieing every time you get on the highway vs 1:100000 you have from jumping out of a plane. You would have to jump 17 times a year before you get close to the car numbers. So for all of you out there that think I’m nuts. We’re all nuts for doing what we do on a daily basis. If anyone wants to take the course I still need a buddy and no one will go hahahaha!

Lastly in our spare time Jeff and I have been busting tail to get this new super secret app we’ve been working on fleshed out. We’ve got another few days of screen designs before Jeff can hammer out the DOM. Once that is done though we’re going to be canvasing those smart minds out there in the UI design world to see who can take on our project. At least whoever we work with will be rewarded with some smart folks who understand what a spec is. If you are someone who is interested in design drop some commentary and we’ll put you in the pool.


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