First AFF Jump Accomplished

Friday, September 29th I went back to [Skydive Carolina]( in Chester and with the help of Joey & Gene launced into the air at 11,500ft. I made a number of small mistakes and took a lot of lessons away from the jump. I had a great time and am looking forward to accomplishing more. Skydiving is like any new task. When you first started driving a car everything seemed too fast. If you are a motorcyclist you remember this even more acutely. The same is very true if not moreso with skydiving. Everything happens very quickly and you have no time to go backwards to fix things you feel you err’d on so you must go forward. That’s why you train with multiple instructors, review, practice, and work very diligently at aquiring muscle memory and good reactions to unknown situations. Even if you never want to aquire a license, I heartily recommend you try a tandem jump. It will give you a perspective you won’t soon forget.