Great Sky

SDC 0120: On final, 3

It might have been cold but we rose midmorning to head down to [Skydive Carolina]( The winds were calm and I was psyched to get a few jumps in.

I had packed my day-bag with care that it might be windy I would have everything I needed to work. Of course with that much consideration it was should not have been surprising that I would need none of it. Many of my original AFF class turned out and we were all glad to get at least one spin in the sky.
I took my air time to get back to basics. Four weeks out of the air makes one washy so it was good to stretch, spin, and flip your way back into comfort. My second jump I was getting a bit cold and just enjoyed some smooth tracking. Unfortunately I pulled early and had a lot of hang-time in the cold. I used the time to pull on my front risers for turning and to see the angles change. Finished it off parking my canopy near the flags for a running landing.

Robin ended up taking 48 pics which we paired down to 28 for keeping, then only posting 18 to [flickr]( Prioritization sucks, heheheh! Robin’s getting good at finding the action. Now it’s time to get back to the books and planning board. I’ve had my fun; my heart and head swim again giving me the momentum to run more.

Oh yea, if anyone spots a 230 rig, the more complete the better, I’m on the market for one.


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