Another blog chapter ends

With a fond good-bye I have left [typo]( for [wordpress]( It really is fond because I enjoyed what typo brought to the scene. It’s amazing blip on the radar at a time when RoR was taking off and the things it employed were beyond anything before it. Unfortunately the talented gang of developers has dwindled and the ones who are there are very busy with real world projects. I wish them nothing but the best, thank them for all the help they’ve lent me over the years, and hope to see them continue to develop interesting and forward looking ideas.

The conversion to [Wordpress]( wasn’t extremely difficult but then again I don’t know many who would have gotten through it unscathed. The typo db had changed a bit and I had to get some help on what things to alter to an aging migration sql scripts to run right. That was the difficult part. It took about 10 hours to get to this point. Most of it in trying to get things to work how I wanted, or learn what they really wanted. Early relationship stuff.

Using this CMS has been very nice with [tiger]( administration changes, the widgets panel, and some very talented theme developers for me to work off of. I’ve gotten comfortable while blogging for [Nuance Labs]( and it made me jealous enough to put the elbow grease in the last couple days.

I’ve probably got a little more work to do and some surprises to get through before I’m satisfied but let me know what you think!