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Home Servers Grow Up So Fast

It’s been long overdue re-haul. “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish“, penned by Douglas Adams. For any who know me I’ve been a systems engineer a long time. Being such a creature makes you want to create all your own solutions and keep everything close to home. I was one who liked to […]

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Another blog chapter ends

With a fond good-bye I have left [typo](http://www.typosphere.org/) for [wordpress](http://www.wordpress.net). It really is fond because I enjoyed what typo brought to the scene. It’s amazing blip on the radar at a time when RoR was taking off and the things it employed were beyond anything before it. Unfortunately the talented gang of developers has dwindled […]

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New Face, New Engine, Typo

This post brought to you by our friends at [Typo](http://typo.leetsoft.com). Typo is a Ruby on Rails project and after [Jeff](http://wheeledone.com)’s recommendation and giving it a quick tour I enjoyed what I saw. I quickly established a theme, modifed said theme, and in shorter order than I’ve ever had before, am here. New face and new […]

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