Home Servers Grow Up So Fast

It’s been long overdue re-haul.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish“, penned by Douglas Adams.

For any who know me I’ve been a systems engineer a long time. Being such a creature makes you want to create all your own solutions and keep everything close to home.

I was one who liked to keep his work, his backups, his nexus of it all as close as possible. When you visit me you see a digital heart in my office that contains everything needed to start your own colocation facility. Even though I have an uptime of 300d+ and the cable companies reliability is pretty solid around here there comes a time to find greater reliability and an upgrade path that is a part of a larger networks provision.

After nearly four years running out of my home on some now legacy servers I’ve moved the heart of my home network to a space on our corporate architecture and couldn’t be happier. The site should seem just more poppy due to a better place on the internet backbone.

Now I just need to find some time to redesign. This design has been with us for about two years and it’s time for a change. All designs get dated, or maybe that’s the designer side of me. As new thoughts and permutations of control come out new, higher standards evolve and I’d like to put them in play.

Just not today.

One thing at a time and excising this bit of my life from home was fun enough for now.