Thanksgiving Recap

We got back in town yesterday (Sunday) to a throng of people ebbing and flowing from the Charlotte airport. I tried to get USAir to let me out above the Chester [DropZone]( but they would have none of it. Oh well. Maybe next weekend heheh!

Our trip to Pensacola was great. We had some great food & time shared with great people. I’m uploading photos to my [flickr]( account as I can.

Some highlights:

* Dad lost a set of kites to Mexico
* Homemade [fish dinner]( rocks
* New James Bond movie kicks ass
* Spent time with [Grandparents](
* Visited with [old family friends](
* Best [fried oysters]( ever
* Visited the [Pensacola Navel Air Museum]( (amazing for plane/history lovers)
* Robin has found her kite-legs and is good to go
* Began the Celebration of Robin’s 28th Birthday

Unfortunately I did not set any time aside or was not in any mood to begin many of the digital things I thought I would. This week is going to be busy!

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, I gained 2lb’s I need to now jog off hehe. See you in the fray,


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