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Thanksgiving Recap

We got back in town yesterday (Sunday) to a throng of people ebbing and flowing from the Charlotte airport. I tried to get USAir to let me out above the Chester [DropZone](http://www.skydivecarolina.com) but they would have none of it. Oh well. Maybe next weekend heheh! Our trip to Pensacola was great. We had some great […]

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TLC, Thanksgiving, Montreat, 2004

We’ve started a tradition to meet up with a lot of extended family every two years for Thanksgiving which I wholeheartedly support. This year we were hosted by George & Betsy Ivey who spearheaded the event and landed us three homes in Montreat, NC, a skip outside of Black Mountain & Asheville. We left on […]

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Thanksgiving Outing, Black Mountain

An espressofest to go is what my car is beginning to look like. With 6 gallons of milk, 8lbs of various espresso blends, glassware, tamps, equipment, grinder; I think it boiled down to 19-20 drinks a day I can make throughout our trip. Not to mention clothing for hot or cold, Turkeyday sides and a […]

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