Rinse, Repeat, Accelerate

The U.S. Thanksgiving Holiday is upon us. While I’m a bit murky on the level of ire I have towards the concept we’re heading to Pensacola, FL to visit some family.

We’ve been rather busy per-usual here in the Ciordia household. Robin’s classes are getting close to finals and since she has online courses they are very report/paper dense keeping her nose in the iBook most of the time she is not working. I’ve been my usual, work, skydive, kite, coffee, farm, cooking self. As well, Jeff and I have hired Blue Flavor to help us bring our project to life and are having a blast with them. It’s great when you find people that can be inspired and passionate about the same things you do.

I’ve got a backlog of materials to publish and new projects that are starting to whine for attention. Maybe I can chew through some of this in Florida.

Safe travels and have a nice Turkey-day if I miss you in passing,


psst.. Robin’s birthday is next Monday (Nov. 27th).