Poor Kitty

If life weren’t crazy enough my shorthair Tyson has begun a spiral I am not sure he will survive. Before we went to Transformus his eating pattern began to change. When we got back my mom who took care of him said he ate little to nothing while we were away. We watched him carefully and true enough he had pretty much stopped eating. During this time though he was throwing up much more regularly than his monthly what we considered normal-ate-to-fast routine. Soon thereafter his demeanor began to shift. He found isolated places in the house to hide, his social nature was quickly diminishing. Fearing I would awake to a dead kitty in the house we called up our vet [Dr. Mike](http://www.mobilevet.com “Mobile Vet”) to check on him.

Dr. Mike found no blockages which is what we thought since Tyson chews in the air like he has something tickling his throat. His ears showed a light jaundice. Blood was sent off for analysis and the only physical soreness on the cat had on inspection was near his rear lymph nodes. The vet would keep tyson a few days and tube feed him a antibiotic/steroid/antacid, iv hydrate him, and see what was to be seen.

Dr. Mike called with good news and bad news. Good was Tyson was processing his food and the plumbing looked clean. He wasn’t throwing up either, and had quite an attitude. The blood work came back with elevated liver enzymes which could be anything from toxic insult, pancreatitis, hepatic lipidosis, cholangiohepatitis, to even cancer. Regardless this is not an easy diagnosis. With fluid uptake going well the vet released Tyson back to our care with a slew of meds to see if we could get him to eat again.

That was yesterday. Since then the cat has thrown up at least five times. He wouldn’t accept his food, or medicine, so we’ve had to syringe feed him which is a struggle. This morning I made him an apple puree with his meds and got 25 out of 50cc in him (which when alone is quite a task!). Hopefully it will stay down. Our options as I understand it are down to exploratories & biopsy. Each of which are dangerous for the cat and can be quite costly. I love my cat but I can’t just outlay a few grand to see if this is acute or chronic.

Just another lesson that life is rarely simple and straightforward. I’m not sure where his health is going but I’m doing all I can.


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