Typo 4.0 Upgrade

Phew. That took a bit more time than it [should have](http://www.typosphere.org/trac/wiki/DownloadStable). I think everything is back to normal. If you see otherwise let me know. Sorry for the downtime.

For those that are technically inclined I was running a trunk version of [typo](http://www.typosphere.org) 2.6 out of subversion. It was rather dated and much had changed. The new way you install [typo](http://www.typosphere.org) is via ruby gems which takes a mountain of work out of it. The two were not really compatible due to the age disparity, and method of prior installation, _and_ the amount of hackery I had done. It exploded in the middle of migration and it required me to [ask for help](http://www.mail-archive.com/typo-list@rubyforge.org/msg02937.html) and recache what I knew of this side of the system.

I’m just glad I backed up my database.

In the end I tried lots of things until the [list]([ask for help](http://www.mail-archive.com/typo-list@rubyforge.org/msg02937.html) and Jeff told me to basically clean it all away, start from the beginning, reimport my database and watch the magic that is ‘rake migrate’ do its thing….and it did.

Thanks to those who helped!


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