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Tyson, you will be missed.

Tyson was put to sleep on Saturday, August 5th 2006. He was found to have an advanced case of [lymphosarcoma](http://maxshouse.com/Oncology/lymphosarcoma.htm “Lymphosarcoma is a neoplasm of malignant lymphocytes in solid organs (link)”) extending through his intestines, liver, kidneys, and lymph-nodes. I had my little buddy since he was 3. He came to my home by way […]

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Poor Kitty

If life weren’t crazy enough my shorthair Tyson has begun a spiral I am not sure he will survive. Before we went to Transformus his eating pattern began to change. When we got back my mom who took care of him said he ate little to nothing while we were away. We watched him carefully […]

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