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SERBC 2005

  This weekend Robin and I traveled to Chapel Hill for the finals in the South Eastern Barista Competition. We arrived about 11:30a, enough time to say hello to friends and colleagues before the two hour competitive marathon. Peter, Daryn, Tim, Cindy, and many more faces from [CCC](http://www.counterculturecoffee.com “Counter Culture Coffee”) working hard to pull […]

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Counter Culture Party

Last night Jeff, Robin, and I were invited to [Counter Culture Coffee](http://www.counterculturecoffee.com “CCC”)’s new training facility opening party. It’s hard for me to explain Counter Culture to some people because their maps might not have what a healthy relationship is. CCC is great people. Their smiles are wide as their hearts are open. These lovely […]

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Zen and the way of Latte Art

I’ve been hacking at this for almost seven months and here’s what I’ve got to show for it. It all happens in a matter of two or three heartbeats, and there are no do-overs. I wish I could get across how much fun this is, it’s a scientific art. It’s something we should teach in […]

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