Counter Culture Party

Andy & Jeff @ CCC's New Facility

Last night Jeff, Robin, and I were invited to [Counter Culture Coffee]( “CCC”)’s new training facility opening party. It’s hard for me to explain Counter Culture to some people because their maps might not have what a healthy relationship is. CCC is great people. Their smiles are wide as their hearts are open. These lovely people each have passionate views of what they do and where they are going. Whether it’s Johnathan in packaging or Peter’s roasting judgements everyone is on board. We mingled in three hours of conversations, a bevy of food, beverages, and an open La Marzocco with a river of Tuscano. What a blast.

Cindy & Peter

We are very greatful to have CCC’s presence in the Queen City. The QC is on the verge of another turning point. With [Johnson & Wales University]( in the area it just adds fuel to the palates fire as Charlotte continues to wake up to new sensory possibilities. As people experience new things I can only hope we realize that diversity is as always a good thing and continue creative growth.

CCC’s facility will train the first generation of [Barista]( “Viva Barista”) that will showcase a product, a method, a passion that has yet to be witnessed in the area. I can’t wait for our shop.

Thanks guys and welcome to the neighborhood,