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Logan’s First Xmas 2011

Logan’s First Xmas, Flickr Set

A New Life, Not Taken for Granted

For those that hate to read, the good news is that Robin is pregnant, around 17-18 weeks and after yesterday’s sonogram we are happy to announce a boy is on the way.  Our new one should join us late July. Best Laid Plans 6, maybe 7 years ago I laid out a plan to my […]

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Birthday Wishes & Skydives

I turned 34 this week and had a rather tepid working Birthday. I got to be a little reflective and had more wishes on Facebook than I’ve ever had before. It was pretty special. My celebrations got strung over the week which was fine by me. I had a lunch with my mom, a dinner […]

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A Bearded Moment

Every man, no matter what age, wants to at one time or another grow a beard. Then one day they try it and your genetics show through. Patchwork to needles, lay flat or go bushman, only the code knows. While I had a brush with some extended chops and a jowel line a few times […]

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Save Your Expiring Family Cultures

It’s a time of year when families draw near and if yours goes beyond the grabbing, ripping, digesting of the season you might get a tale or two from your peers and elders. If not this is for you to work on that. Is Your Family History Fading? Here in America I feel we are […]

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Life is Uncertain, Make the Most of It

“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.” –Albert Einstein The longer I walk forward the more I understand it’s not about the destination. This is something that you are supposed to learn as a child. We’re always reminded […]

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Transition Times, Goodbye 2008

It has been a strange road, but isn’t it always? 2008 marks the tired end of a mixed bag year but a bright glimmer for 2009. Watching the Water My father taught me to know a good sailor was to look at his his wake. A clean straight wake leaving the boat was a sign […]

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