Life is Uncertain, Make the Most of It

“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.”

–Albert Einstein

The longer I walk forward the more I understand it’s not about the destination. This is something that you are supposed to learn as a child. We’re always reminded to ‘Stop and Smell the Roses’, but we rarely internalize it.

The Old Guard

I think it began with the idea set forth that we find work, we do good work, we have work forever, and then at the end of our work we have retirement. Well we all know that’s idea is pretty much ashes these days. I always thought that I had to get to ‘X’, whether it was a great company or financial success, and I just had to get to that place and then life could begin.

Sacrifice the short for the long.

How wrong I was.

As a youth we’re all foolish. It’s not our faults, our brains they say take a lot longer to develop and that’s why we have a long adolescence. We have to accumulate wisdom and watch the passing of time in the human experience. Our minds unfettered would run faster and farther than most of what our flesh limits us to and it takes us a while to realize that.

Getting lost in a future thought is very easy to do. It’s one many of us get trapped in. All around us are those stuck in the rat or survival race. Everyone always looking at the prize but compulsory glance or with disdain at the journey itself.


So what about today, the now, the moment? Why do we put off tomorrow what we can enjoy today. A hug, a kiss, a moment in the grass, or for me a leap out of an airplane.

It’s all relative but it’s all about the now.

All my life I wanted to work hard so that when it came to rearing children and enjoying what I could consider as my prime years I would be set for it. Life doesn’t work that way, not unless you were gifted/blessed/networked by some circumstances that allowed for early fortune.

It’s ok though. There is nothing wrong with prioritizing for today. Today you can find happiness in an event. You can taste victory even in cleaning up a room of a home.

Relish in it.

Shooting for the Moon, Lands You in the Stars

This doesn’t mean that you obliterate tomorrow for today, but you don’t have to build great structures in the clouds that may never come to fruition. Give yourself goals, fantastic goals, and if you come up short at least you made the effort to try for greatness. Recalibrate, cast out new goals, and strike out again, today, every day.

Enjoy the successes of today!