Market Days

It’s a slow day at the markets today. Thought I might pen a quick post during the idle time.

We start the morning at 5:30a. Many farmers we know start even earlier. It can be quite a trial getting up and out the door. Not to mention finding the energy to greet and explain your products to the consumer.

This time of year is a beautiful time though. It can get hot, but there is a good amount of crop diversity of fruits and veggies. It keeps my belly happy!

There are more markets in our region than there have been in a long long time. Part economy, part food security, were just happy to see everyone out. The discussions you can hear out here range from the classic coffeeshop to deep agriculture/agrarian principles. Great way to make new friends.

No matter where you are you can probably find a market. Get out and support them when you can. Every dollar spent is said to be 7 for the local economy. Enjoy the seasonality of your region as it passes too quickly.

From the Tailgate market in Charlotte.