Birthday Wishes & Skydives

I turned 34 this week and had a rather tepid working Birthday. I got to be a little reflective and had more wishes on Facebook than I’ve ever had before. It was pretty special. My celebrations got strung over the week which was fine by me. I had a lunch with my mom, a dinner with friends, and a lunch and movie with an old friend. Then I took my own leave on Thursday to get a few skydives in. It’s been great getting back into it full swing.

Jump 179, Headdown Sitfly Fun from Andy Ciordia on Vimeo.

Having a fun time with Jarrod Orrel. Our goal was a nice headdown exit, try to stay headdown, and then transition when we lose it. Well it was all pretty sloppy but we had a helluva lot of fun with it.

The last year has been like climbing a mountain.  Hard grueling work, long hours, and a helluva lot of effort but it’s all paying off.  I have a roster of happy clients, the family is making fantastic headways in chocolate with a shop on the horizon, and a rather happy life with my loved ones.  The pace will quicken even further this coming year and while I don’t know what to expect, I suspect it will be amazing.