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The Renaissance of 40

It’s my Nameday. Cakeday. Birthday, and I turned 40. What does that mean in today’sĀ age? I’ve often repeated the story leading up to this day that it’s not the same as it used to be. When I was growing up this was ‘Over the Hill’, a day for black roses, the bemoaning of the slippery […]

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Birthday Wishes & Skydives

I turned 34 this week and had a rather tepid working Birthday. I got to be a little reflective and had more wishes on Facebook than I’ve ever had before. It was pretty special. My celebrations got strung over the week which was fine by me. I had a lunch with my mom, a dinner […]

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Happy Birthday Jeff!

Muahahha.. how can I let this slide? Everyone, it’s [Jeff’s](http://blog.wheeledone.com) birthday, go bug him, pinch his cheek and tell him how cute he is.. To recap quickly, we dined yesterday at Upstream, a fine local establishment that has very very good fare. For lunch Jeff and I ate at New Zealand Cafe and had a […]

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