The Measurements of Decay, K.K. Edin

The Measurements of Decay, K.K. Edin

This is a book of seasons. It had good seasons, smart seasons, tough seasons, and just hard to comprehend ones.. I really couldn’t stay submerged in this book. I tried. I desperately tried, but it told me early on that I couldn’t read this at bedtime because it required more neurons to process and then I didn’t find myself that attracted during the daylight–so I had to read it in really odd times of the day. Which for a pretty expeditious reader, mired me down considerably. So I qualify this with, it may just not be for me overall.

Qualified warning aside–this book had some interesting concepts and legs. We have multiple archs of thought coming along to hook together. It was a little hard to follow some of the threads and timeliness of it all. Some side stories which I’d have to re-read to see if they were connective tissue or just anecdotal time references or the human condition, I’m not sure.

The future has a squid in your head that eventually wants to turn us into something like automatons for reasons I’m still not fully understanding. A woman who can sidestep reality and travel across time and space–to somewhat limited control. A man of our times who is a want-to-be philosopher that stumbles into something that changes him, literally..

I don’t even know how I can ramble justice to all of this. The book moves forward at a pretty brisk pace. The narration of the future is handled pretty well; the story can be followed. The narration of the philosophic moments gets hard to follow because they are thick. Smart, but dense and very expositional driven and I’m not much for lectures unless we’re bantering. Our slip sliding girl of timeywimeyness is who I settled on and enjoyed the most. Her tale was a rough start but interesting in where it goes. It hits some way-way out moments that I can’t judge but enjoyed.

Overall, though, I’m not complete. I don’t have an understanding. Why did this happen? What was the motive of this or that? What happens after the climax of the book> We don’t know. In the darkness, we will twist..forever.

Maybe I’m supposed to understand, and my feeble intelligence is just not enough to do it justice. Maybe I missed some points in my struggles. It’s been known to happen. Just enter this tale with some trepidation, strong coffee, and a conviction to see it through. You might find it beneficial, or you might find yourself trapped on one of the rings of hell. Follow up, and we’ll chew the fat about it.