Extracurricular Activities (The Machineries of Empire)

Extracurricular Activities (The Machineries of Empire)Shuos Jedao, the Fox in his youth. This quick tale showcases a light element into his past. It’s a very 007-esque romp and should take you a lunch or two to complete the journey. I enjoyed it, but I feel we lost some of the universes it lives in. Lee’s first foray into this universe is so complicated, nearly incomprehensible, and each novel we get further from the origin the more normal it becomes. While I understand some of that, maybe reader, editor, et al—but the sheer magic that is, in the beginning, is lost nearly completely here.

Enjoy this for a quick spy novel set in the Empire’s theme, but if you’re looking for more of the insanity that runs the gamut of the hexarchate, you’ll find it absent here.