Weekend Catchup

It’s been a rather busy couple days for us. Those who watch the feed always get a drop on those who just read due to my [flickr](http://www.flickr.com/photos/ciordia/) influx.

The roundup. My G5 died the weekend before last and for a couple hundred canon offered to do an upgrade. With Robin’s blessing (heh) we moved up to the [Canon Pro1](http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canonpro1/). It has it’s own issues like everyone else but being a Canon owner I have a pretty good read for what my expectations were and it’s being met [well](http://www.flickr.com/photos/search/text:pro1+tests/sort:relevance/ “Flickr Pro1 Test Series Search”). If I don’t get my broken cam back in the mail today though I’m going to be the winner of a nice additional bill.

Marshall Park on Saturday was host to an Earth Day event. The weather in the park was fantastic. The Dietz came in to town to hang out with us. We signed petitions, learned about rallies, bought some creamed honey, were educated on bio-solar-gray-and-green initiatives. Before I left I was approached by a nice lady asking if I was their photographer. Sorry, John Q. Public here, but I’ll gladly let you have access to my shots. In the future if you.. [plug plug]

Off again! The [Charlotte Flickr Meet](http://www.flickr.com/groups/62158993@N00/) was also being hosted this day at Jitterz around the University area. Leaving my map at home I used my keen sense of directions to get fully turned around and backassward showing up not early to help with any setup but just a little after start. Being the first meeting we only had a handful of people but they were enthusiastic and from many different walks of life with a keen sense of photography as a uniting force. I think the group has some potential in learning from each other. In the [future](http://www.flickr.com/groups/62158993@N00/discuss/72057594120603810/) we’ll probably have workshops and special interest groups that can be signed up for. Good stuff.

Lastly and really deserving it’s own post I’ve been an espresso madman. Besides draining a bag of Tuscano in two days I’ve been trying to dial around [Counter Culture’s](http://www.counterculturecoffee.com) Ethiopian Sidamo. I’ve gone through a series of taste tests adjusting boiler temps along the way. (10m delay between shots) These numbers are not brew head temps so their relevance is vague. Once I’m done playing (and today is another play day) I’ll switch to the scace and figure out where others might want to reproduce it at. Until then here’s my latest info.

* 119.3’c = Good, little too bright, comfortable mouthfeel.
+sugar = cherries cherries cherries (on the verge of medicinal)

* 119.6’c = Acidity down, Brightness down, More pear skin or plum.
+sugar = dark fruit, mebbe good in milk but something doesn’t appeal to me.

* 119.0’c = med. brightness & acidity, low tartness, smooth, maybe cashew?
+sweet = much too tart. confusing. I don’t understand how its taken such a different tact with sugar but it has.

Who needs to slow down? Psha.. next!

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