We had SCAA which was crazy, then a little vacation, then straight back in to the workflow but should I be this red?

![Sciral: Daily Reoccuring Capture](/images/archive/sciral_bad.png “Sciral: Daily Reoccuring Capture”)

Tractioning after being off-schedule for a while takes a serious amount of energy. Maybe if I figured out a set of steps; a “re-entry” set of methods/process. Something should help you transition from overwhelmed mode back in to the rhythm of getting things done.

Today half of this list will turn green but it’s taken this long. As I look over the last few weeks I see a catchup, unexpected events, things tieing up mental cycle time, and the reprioritizing of projects on the fly. I did finish the PID & build a new shelving system in the office. I just push to the wayside these other things. Part of me wants to say its because I know where they are. Since they are not going to get lost they will be found. That sounds too much like an excuse.

You are the most devious individual you know. Devious due to the emotional content you recalibrate on the fly. Making or undeciding your thoughts. Then blinders slide up and it’s out of sight out of mind. No system I’ve ever used has silenced or combined these yin-yangish tendencies.

All you can do is keep trying, eyes wide open. When you catch yourself gettin crafty you need to hold yourself to a higher bar.

I am getting better and better, every day in every way. (Thanks [Mark](http://www.trucor.com/ “Mark Cunningham: Trucor”))