SCAA Quickie

I’ve got to bolt in a few minutes to get back down to the convention center to start a day of classes so I’ll make this brief.

It was a mad house yesterday. Yesterday being Friday for those not local. Friday at SCAA consisted of intensives and workshops. I was a porter in espresso beginner and intermediate level classes. Working beside [Matt Milletto]( in the morning and [Mike Lanz]( in the afternoon. These two gave everyone a sweeping understanding of what they need to do, to hit those proper extraction times and care for there hardware. It was lots of fun to work for these individuals and all the trainers who gave it their all to bridge the knowledge divide.

Afterwards Robin joined me onsite for the keynote which was delivered by Wade Davis (think Serpent and the Rainbow). This guy blew our lids. I mean, I think we knew going in to it that we were going to be globalized, but I don’t think anyone could have guessed how well. He delivered a stirring speech on defining global cultures (anthropologically) and how we are losing part of our culturesphere through ugly means at a much faster rate than the ecosphere. One of his many points was how when we were born there were 6,000 languages spoken and how now there are only half of that. He really nailed home the point well that we are all people. While the West has looked towards industrial and technological growth, other peoples have been using the same intellectual potential to look elsewhere (inversion/nature/harmony/etc). I’ve got a whole article that needs to evolve from him and I hope to be able to give it some time in the future. Least to say if you ever have a chance to see Wade talk I highly encourage you to go out of your way to see him. He will make your head expand.

Then we exited for quite a feast of little foods. Grabbing a beer eased my aching joints we mingled and saw so many online and offline entities it was fantastic.

Getting late.. gotta run. Good people, good fun!


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