SCAA Day 2, quickie

I think these quickies will have to be it for now. Rising early and getting home late are a bane of a writer hehe. I don’t know how the press-core does it.

On our way to a [Counter Culture Coffee]( party. Had a busy day of education classes that have imbued me with the knowledge once again not to hang around bad apples. How does one do that without destroying the grove? Another question for another time. I toured the floor from the 0-800 isles. At that point my brain started to skid and I figured I would continue more tomorrow. The industry is so thick and so vibrant.

I’ve seen [tonx]( but was sideswiped by more people we knew and when I turned back around he and Kyle were out of sight. The USBC seems to be going strong. Lots of judges, lots of sensations, some amazing participants. I certainly wish them all the best.

Robin and I also attended the [Coffee Kids]( reception and presentation and that was very moving. If I was out of this rat race I think I’d dedicate my world to good causes. If you have the ability, why not?

I’ve got a few more classes tomorrow. The afternoon I porter the advanced cupping lab, which will sadly make me miss the [Home-Barista]( espressofest. Alas. A few more classes monday..I think.. My brain hurts. I think I need to libate. I’ll get pic’s up as I can. If you want a specific picture of something let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Out for now,


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