Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning fellow readers. It is again Monday. After going through some of my routine I’ve taken a break. Enjoying another fantastic cup of Bolivia [Juan de Dios Blanco]( and listening Cado Bejo from Bebel Gillberto. If only I could get paid to drink coffee and listen to music right? 😉

The weeks are chopping by right now. I’m keeping myself fairly occupied with lots of tasks. [CCC]( hooked me up with the local [Habitat]( group that has just completed a [Restore]( Within their new space they are building a small coffee shop and I am assisting Joe Zimmerman with some planning and hopefully more as time permits. As I understand it Joe wants to bring some good coffee to the area and all the proceeds (minus daily operations) will benefit Habitat. Sounds awesome.

Elsewhere [Jeff Hoffman]( threw a [Ruby Meetup]( last Thursday which went real well. A few very keen individuals in the area stepped out to show support. With a little bit of work I think Charlotte is prime for this type of group/programming/lang. If anything the group is going to be run fairly loose and should provide an excellent resource for idea incubation.

Caffe Nuance hasn’t dissapeared but is about 20% of our thoughts at this time. We’re reworking the menu and in a holding pattern for Bellissimo to get back with us on assumption advice. I think we’re on the right track, but it helps when the professionals give the nod. After doing a lot of [SCAA]( 2005 conference reading I think we have a good idea on how assumptions are built. It would just take a few good weeks in the area of consideration’s competition doing detailed number counts. Being true entrepreneurs with no wealthy backing makes all of this so much more difficult than any counterpart that has large collateral pieces to bank on. The only silver lining we look to is the amount of work that goes into the analysis will cause us less pain in the long run. If you are given things then you are apt to not plan nearly as well. We’re forced into planning so those with money will take a risk on us. Such a horse and cart run around a lot of the time.

We’re still working on our little Web tewOh project as well. Let’s call it, Project: Crunch’n’Munch. Right now I’m trying to figure out how to make it a more selfish service. Jeff’s been detailing a lot of how to orient oneself in app design and it’s a balance between being selfish and being social. We’ve given a ton of thought to the social networking side but we can’t forget the app needs to be driven and completly usable by an individual. Should be easy enough. (heh)

One foot after another …