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Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning fellow readers. It is again Monday. After going through some of my routine I’ve taken a break. Enjoying another fantastic cup of Bolivia [Juan de Dios Blanco](http://www.victrolacoffee.com/store_product_1097.html) and listening Cado Bejo from Bebel Gillberto. If only I could get paid to drink coffee and listen to music right? 😉 The weeks are chopping […]

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New Face, New Engine, Typo

This post brought to you by our friends at [Typo](http://typo.leetsoft.com). Typo is a Ruby on Rails project and after [Jeff](http://wheeledone.com)’s recommendation and giving it a quick tour I enjoyed what I saw. I quickly established a theme, modifed said theme, and in shorter order than I’ve ever had before, am here. New face and new […]

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