Functional but not yet finished

A friend and I were discussing homeownership yesterday and talking about how much it costs to really furnish a house for both functional and artistic value. It’s a helluva lot more than anyone ever thinks about in the short-term.

Kitchen alone since I’ve moved in (4+ years ago) we put in:
new appliances, 2k
tile, 1k
countertop, sink, etc, 2k
additional wall mounted shelving/racks/etc, 500

Now we’ve got to save to find the perfect collapsable dinette or pub table which generally runs 250-1500.

Who would have thought you’d spend 5k+ upfitting a rather small kitchen? And this is just one room of a home that has absorbed quite a damn lot of money.

Not griping, just realist jargon. We’ve pretty much run out of funds for the time being. We’re at quite a functional state but missing our table kind of sucks. The laundry area now has wall shelves which has drawn up an amazing amount of material thus giving more space everywhere. We purchased a few wine racks w/ stemware holders and that’s looking real nice. Pulled everything out of the pantry and cabinetry and restocked it in a way that makes more sense and takes advantage of the space better.

It’s been a great learning and growth experience that has taken us about two months if we condensed all the lag times (4 mos if we don’t). Due to the push here though it’s forced our hand in other parts of the house which are now re-evolving, and being short on capital really pinches you where it hurts. You can see possibility but the wallet is just dry.

Oh well, more savings goals and pushing onwards. This has been very worth it.


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