Good Morning

It’s Monday. Let’s see if I can do some summaries.

Last week we met with []( and had a great time. We had an honest and friendly conversation with Dale Harrold. He was in banking for over 20 years, bought and sold companies for 8, and has been with Self-Help for 2. We learned a lot on how parts of our proposals wording needed tweaking to make it sound less ambiguous. We are fairly certain now we know how banks look at us. Like idiots. Pre-revenue, no-prior, and asking for money on a good plan and some passion. Yep, how many people have sounded similar. It’s sad to really know we are different and it is hard to convey that knowing other BS’rs have done so in the past. Oh well, we’ll just have to show it in action. However, on ambiguity, don’t leave any. Think of it like this. Talking to a banker is like making a wish. If you aren’t specific to the line, you’ll get a [Monkey Paw]( “The Monkey Paw, W.W. Jacobs”) incident. In the end we feel confidant that we can meet the banks spec on what they want.

Our weekend went quite rapidly. More Italy looked at. It’s hard getting something in Cinque Terre but we’re working on it. Robin packed up our new 26″ wheel-able-backpack-able tote we bought and we walked around the house with it on our backs. Not too bad, about 60-70lbs of clothing. I need to pack our equipment/map/books-bag and see if that’ll kill a back. We have the option of taking 2 nice [backpacks]( “High Sierra Backpack”). The size is so large however that as long as the load isn’t too much to bear our trip might just consist of a duffle and a backpack. How nice would that be?

[Jeff’s]( house was worked on a bit this weekend. Stripping out all of his machines (2 pc’s 1 mac) and a ton of cabling. I am always amazed at how much equipment you can take away when you start pulling things down. I have a few more days of work cleaning up after the excavation. It looks so much better now. Damn, shoulda taken a before shot.

Robin’s assistant teacher had a birthday party we went to. We are so rapt up in our own little worlds we don’t get out much these days so it was good to socialize. One of Robin’s other assitance forewarned that she could show up on this page. Next time I’ll bring that camera. heheh. We had a great time at the dig though and hope to see them again soon.

All in all a good, but rather quick weekend. Lets see if we can make some forward progress this week!