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I love it when you feel you are on the cusp of good ideas and many people you run into are resonating. I’m reading a latest thread on [Creating Passionate Users](, “Creating an Intention Calendar”, and of course it resonates. Beth ran along the same lines of [Mark Cunningham]( (and others) in “We are what we think”. How every time we talk ourselves in to our out of or around a situation we are setting precedence for future thought.

The quickest way to fail is to imagine failure.

I’ve changed a lot over the years. Robin and I were talking about how every picture of me from the last 5 years has been different. I’ve been fat, I’ve been skinny, I’ve been bulked, I’ve been normal, but I’m always changing. My best friend [Jeff]( has watched me for countless years and knows more of my internal behavior than most. He’s witnessed, hell he’s spawned, countless changes that have altered my personality. He chose to question parts of me that were malaligned, and I chose to listen (given time 😉 ). Now my wife and him do it, aren’t they great? hehehhe

I’ve rewired the way I process over and over. Iterating upon the idea that I have changed and will continue to change until I cease. If you follow mind-memes you’ll find a constant. Intent. It’s all about intent. Really. After years of my mental-maps being hammered on by Jeff, I learned to work on myself. The basic function is what I’ve always called bullshit. When I considered myself obese, every night going to sleep I envisioned what I wanted to be. Every morning I wanted it, saw it, and took myself there. Through my shyness of dating I learned to see myself differently, to own my self and love myself, and that gives you power. This positive feedback loop enriches itself with each iteration. I know I can do anything I set my focus on, and I know I can convey that passion. I bullshit to myself that I was all of the things I wanted to be and I strove for those objectives turning what was bullshit into reality. It takes willpower to move the feet and focus to see the vision, and both of those things can be developed.

With the power of intent crossed with how we map the world (see also: [Thinking About Thinking]( You can begin to go back and question, uproot, and repopulate old maps that are outdated/modded and update them. This is when serious change can happen. Taking an old sore affair and making it clean in the past can alter who you are by freeing resources that were being taken up by thoughts anchor’d to that memory. [Mark]( hit on this one in his [material]( “Society of Applied Hypnosis”) as well.

We have at our disposal one hell of a quantum thermodynamic machine that people fail to fully (if at all) realize. I’m just glad to live in a time that this is on the table. I am elated to know that we are what we think, because I think that’s good, and you should too. Use the power of choice that you have and know that you can lead yourself to betterment.