Next on the slate, Kitchen Work

Robin and I decided that our tax money this year should go to three things. Fix things that are broken, fix things that are about to break, continued savings.

Kitchen work.. Disposal is broken, faucet is leaky and needs work, sprayer has never sprayed since owning the house. Laminent is 15 years or older and the lazy susan busted a year ago.. Go! Begone! heheh.

I got a contractor out who will be giving me a quote on a new countertop, deeper sink, mid-range disposal, mid-range faucet, and shelving where the lazy susan was. She said it would take a maximum of 8 days. It should be just a couple, but a maximal is always good. Look forward to hearing the quote as the materials only add up 600ish. I’ll be interested to hear labor.

I am really look forward to it all being done. We modernized a lot of the kitchen when we bought the place. Put in some fine tile, new colors, and a good deal of stainless kitchen gear. We overload our kitchen and that won’t change, but at least it will all tie together and work.