Charlotte Latin Class of 94, 10 Year Reunion

Last night Charlotte Latin had our reunion at Tutto Mundo. I must say while I was looking forward to seeing some people, I was more worried that the turnout was going to be lacking since the early sign-up list was really shy of people I was good friends with. One soul I thought I could count on, an old friend Brian Carol, assured me he would come, while one Jason Dinsmore, I thought I would never see again. Amazed and astounded the inverse was true. I spy Jason and about fall out, and no Brian is to be seen. Loser! We had the band all ready to go back together! Freak! Ok so we were missing one other, Bill Coley, lost in the woods with child or so the rumor has it.

It was fun to check in with a lot of people that have been out of the state or just out of touch. Everyone is doing about as good as one can. There are still plenty of people in academia and it looks like it will become many. While others have found their way back to the arts and are striving for a way to pay for it all. Then there are those of us in the workforce striving to find our own niche or a better way to make the pay to be happy. Everyone felt better rounded. Those who were severely one direction smoothed it down, and those who may have lacked some social adeptness, had found it. There was just a good bunch of people representing last night and it was fun.

Tutto Mundo took our food without a final call, which I think irked a good many, and their music was so loud I have almost no voice today due to the level we had to communicate. It was fine overall though. Maybe next time they can have it at my Caffe, wouldn’t that be a treat.

Hey Jason, if you’re reading this you better know that you have a lot of years of incommunicado to make up for. Need to hypnotize you into remembering to call an old friend when you’re in town you bastard. hehehhe.

Anyhow here’s a big thumbs up for seeing who was there, and here’s a big TThhhrrbbbttt for all of those that didn’t make it due to some odd psychology that is bull. We missed you and really wished you could have made it. Maybe I can get you back to Charlotte when we open our coffee shop.