A Bad Day for the Echo

Last night Robin got into a fender bender on her way to UNCC for her Wed. class. One of those 15 year things that happens in the span of a breath. Everyone is merging, someone cuts in front of someone else, causing a young inexperienced driver to slam on their breaks right at the moment that Robin is checking her blind spot to make sure she is clean. ..Bam..

The great news is Robin is fine. A little shook up, a little sad at the fate of her vehicle, but fine none the less. Her initial shock left her a bit discombobulated and all the rules of accident procedure left her. The other young driver was not prepared either. Police were not called, incident reports not written. Robin did give the youngster her information though, and was later called by a parent of the kid. Robin is such a good hearted person, even in shock. heheh.

This morning we got the car into the shop. A flat occured on the way. We get to the shop and the early morning estimator looks at it and goes, ‘You know this isn’t driveable right?’, hah. The radiator has been pushed back far enough to interrupt the fan, thus bringing about a large potential for overheating of the engine. Rolling on a flat for a mile or so hopefully didn’t do much damage to the tires assembly. This would have been a larger and larger financal hit if it weren’t for Robin’s clean record and a good standing with Allstate. They are now handling the situation. Hooked her up with a rental car since an adjuster won’t be on site to see the car for four possible days. I’m really curious what the bill is going to come back as. Its a lot of subtle damage once you get past the big crunch. Hood is bent, frames torqued, radiators mis-aligned possibly in need of replacement, fans torqued, bumper & side panels will need replacement, headlight assemblies, etc.

It’s been fun. 😉 I must say though we’re handling it all in stride.