Syke, No Vaccine for you!

[Syke]( machine is out of gas.. I digress. Can’t say we didn’t try.

We landed ourselves first in a line of traffic that was miles long. Jokingly at the beginning of the traffic we said it was from the health dept, who knew it really would be. Now we know when one turn lane miles down a two lane road is jammed, it will jam the entire road. Once we got up to the health department they had a sign telling us that they were [out of flu shots]( “Mecklenburg Country Flu Shot Statement”). Damn old buggers in line. Jeff and I were mockish but all these elderly people getting their shots. Taking it away from the young people that are active and need it. Jeff cannot afford to get sick, he’s 28, and in full swing attacking the world, and we don’t need some stupid virii coming in and kicking the boat.

If you’re elderly, ask yourself, do I need this? Can I not stay in a bio-bubble for just a month? I’ll send you Milkway’s, I promise.